• Today, many industries manufacturing rubber products use silica in its precipitated form. Precipitated silica is the amorphous form of silicon dioxide or silica and is a powdery white material. As the name itself, the product is formed by the precipitation of silicate salt solutions. Precipitated form of silica is available in other two types, which include silica gel and pyrogenic silica.

    Precipitated silica production commences with the basic silicate solution reaction with a suitable mineral acid. Simultaneously, manufacturers add sodium silicate and sulfuric acid with water agitation. The precipitation process mainly takes place under basic or acidic conditions. The selection of agitation, precipitation duration, and reactants addition rate with their temperature, pH, and concentration of reactants may vary the resulting silica properties. Stir the solution at elevated temperatures to avoid its gel stage. Finally, manufacturers will filter the white precipitate to wash and dry them in the manufacturing process for washing out the formed salts.

    Precipitated silica powder is often useful as a reinforcing and high-quality particulate filler with carbon black in several tyres´┐Ż rubber components and related mechanical goods to boost their overall performance. Besides, the compound improves tear resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength, and toughness of rubber. Besides, the silica compound may give durability and longevity while improving resistance to the build-up of heat. Other features of silica in its precipitated form include the ability to improve modulus, hardness, adhesion, resilience, translucency, and color retention. Other than that, silica particles present in the precipitated form of silica may form various physical bonds with the molecular chain of rubber to improve the overall strength of the vulcanized compound. Precipitated silica powder has found its wide applications in conveyer belts, belts, seals and gaskets, varieties of rice rollers, and several other related applications. The particles in silica even form physical bonds with the molecular chain of rubber to boost the overall strength of its vulcanized compound. If this is not enough, many rubber and other industries use silica in precipitated form as carriers. The reason is that such compounds may impart outstanding strength and excellent finish. Simultaneously, when you use silica in precipitated form, you will expect to achieve balance at the necessary physical-chemical product properties.

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