• Precipitated silica is mainly used as rubber strengthening agent and additives. It can be used to manufacture white, transparent rubber products. . Precipitated Silica is used to improve rubber tear strength, flex fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, heat build-up, hardness, modulus, resilience and adhesion.
    Due to the high surface area and purity of our product, vulcanization can be made with excellent transparency, enhanced strength properties, tear / shear hardness and abrasion resistance.
    It is a high-quality, reinforcing particulate filler that is used in conjunction with carbon black in rubber components of Tyres and mechanical goods to improve performance
    Precipitated silica are mainly used as a reinforcement agent in rubber and Tyre formulations. They are additionally utilized as carriers. It imparts good finish, strength and balances at the required physico-chemical properties of the products.